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Responsibility and Privacy

Integrity is one of our core values. That’s why fiscal responsibility drives every decision we make. Every donation made to LCIF is applied toward our global programs and initiatives—all aimed at increasing the ability of Lions to serve the world. 



Last fiscal year, LCIF awarded 1,997 grants, totaling more than US$33.3 million.

2020-2021 Annual Report

For more details on the past year’s finances, view our Audited Financial Statement, or LCIF’s tax return (form 990). 



US$8,383,273 in vision-related grants empowered Lions to reach remote areas of the world to deliver vital eye care. Learn more about our vision cause.



US$3,801,299 in youth-empowering grants give students the skills to say no to drugs and alcohol, express positive behavior, and end bullying. Learn more about our youth cause.



US$2,038,692 in Diabetes grants empowered Lions to increase diabetes awareness, education, and treatment in areas of the world where the disease is misunderstood and prevalent. Learn more about our diabetes cause.



US$5,285,438 in Disaster Relief grants empowered Lions to provide immediate and long-term relief after flooding, earthquakes, and other disasters. Learn more about our disaster relief cause.



US$13,871,559 in grants supporting humanitarian efforts* empowered Lions to strengthen communities by delivering specialized care where there is need. Learn more about our humanitarian cause.*Humanitarian includes the childhood cancer, hunger, and environment cause areas.

More than 50 Years of Positive Impact

Since 1968, we’ve been helping Lions enhance their service. US$1.2 billion has been awarded through more than 19,000 grants. Here are the numbers from these efforts.

  • 9.3 million cataract surgeries
  • Lions Quest has been implemented in more than 105 countries
  • US$140 million in disaster relief
  • More than 100 million children immunized against measles

No matter which way you choose to give, we’re grateful for your kindness and support. Each donation is crucial to our mission of global humanitarian service. Thank you!

Stewarding Donations Responsibly

Donor Privacy

LCIF takes your personal privacy seriously. You can review how we collect information and process personal data under our Privacy Policy. LCIF Donor Services uses certain donor information for purposes of distributing acknowledgments and recognitions, along with statistical documentation of donations and recognitions made. For more on how specific applications use certain information from members, donors, patrons and volunteers, please review the Disclosures.

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